21 December 2012

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Elementra launches ESET integration module for Kaseya

Elementra has announced today the release of their new product, Endpoint Protection, that will offer IT Service Providers the ability to monitor and manage ESET antivirus through the Kaseya software platform.

With Kaseya being one of the world’s largest Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software companies and ESET being one of the industry’s most popular antivirus products, Elementra saw the opportunity to develop a valuable product for IT Service Providers, that will give them the ability to integrate the two applications.

According to Elementra VP Business Development, Marek Drummond, it made sense to create a module that could provide such a fundamental improvement in managing antivirus across large networks. “For many providers, being able to manage their ESET software from a central location within Kaseya has long been on the wish list and with Elementra’s new integration module this can now become a reality”.

The module will allow IT Providers that use Kaseya to view their ESET deployments across all sites, gain real-time status updates and perform important administrative tasks to ensure maximum security. The dashboards also provide at-a-glance views of ESET version details, connection ages, and protection states to quickly identify any devices that require attention. One of the key benefits of the module will be the amount of technician time that can be saved with the ability to send update and scan tasks to individual or groups of machines.

The Endpoint Protection module installs directly into the Kaseya platform providing a seamless user experience that will be similar to other Kaseya modules and is easy to manage.

Whilst the launch initially provides basic scan and update tasks, there are already plans underway for future updates with a richer feature set that will provide further capabilities.

The module can be downloaded and licenses purchased via their website -

“Our goal is to provide IT Service Providers with the essential tools they need to carry out day-to-day tasks. With antivirus being such a critical offering we know this will be integral to their service capabilities” says Drummond.