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Centrally manage your ESET Endpoint Security from within Kaseya, and save hours of technician time!

Endpoint security management is one of the most common solutions that IT service providers deliver. However, in the past this has typically been a fragmented and time consuming task utilizing a great deal of technician time.

With the Elementra Endpoint Protection module for Kaseya, you now have a central tool to view the ESET deployments across all your client networks, gain status updates and alerts, and perform important administrative tasks to ensure maximum security.

As well as saving hours of technician time, you’ll also benefit from:

  • A centralized tool for all engineers to work from
  • At-a-glance views of antivirus status
  • Easily send scan and update tasks to individual or groups of machines
  • Receive Kaseya alerts when ESET Endpoint status changes

With the Endpoint Protection module from Elementra you’ll dramatically improve your technician utilization, increasing your bottom line and helping you to be a successful managed service provider.

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With a range of easy-to-operate features you’ll have total visibility and control over your ESET Endpoint Security base from one central location.


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With easy-to-view dashboards you can gain an at a glance view of:

  • ESET Endpoint Products, including version details
  • ESET Endpoint Connection Ages – to quickly identify issues with endpoints that can’t connect to the ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) server
  • ESET Endpoint Protection States – to quickly identify if any servers or workstations that require attention

Client Management

Endpoint Management
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With the Client Management screen you can view information just as if you were reading the ERA console directly. You can view a range of information, including:

  • Protection status
  • Product name
  • Product version
  • Last threat detected
  • Scan date and time
  • Current threat database information
  • Client last connected date and time

Client Comprehensive Information

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If you want to dig a little deeper into your Clients simply click on your chosen endpoint and view detailed information such as:

  • Information on the last scan/update performed
  • Last total scanned, infected and cleaned files
  • Last firewall, threat and event details
  • Whether the client requires a restart

Server Comprehensive Information

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Just as you can with Clients you can also dig deeper into your ESET Remote Administrator Server to view detailed information such as:

  • ERA product name, version, storage and type
  • ESET server plugins such as ESET kernel, update module, personal firewall, etc.
  • License and license keys
  • Policies

System Settings

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Gain maximum flexibility and control through the Endpoint Protection System Settings. This allows you to configure alerts and synchronization, such as how often you want your Kaseya server to sync with the ERA server and what statuses you get alerted to. The range of System Settings provides valuable control over how you want the module to operate and what information you want to view.

Perform Tasks

Save technician time with the ability to centrally send 'update' and 'scan' tasks to individual or groups of endpoints, from the Client Management screen.

Using Kaseya to filter by Machine Group or View, you can select either an individual endpoint or select the entire group. Once you have your selection, simply click on the Scan or Update icon to perform your desired task.

Receive Alerts

Use Kaseya’s built in Alerts system to have Kaseya alert you when one of the endpoints has a status change, so that you can proactively address the issue.

Kaseya Integration

How it works
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The Endpoint Protection module integrates with your ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) servers to feed information directly into your Kaseya platform. It provides your staff with the ability to automate the repetitive tasks often associated with managing endpoint security on multiple sites.

The Endpoint Protection module integrates directly into Kaseya just like any other module. Once the module is installed you’ll have a range of menu items to choose from to perform your desired tasks, such as Client Management, Server Management, Alerts, Threat Log and more.


Using the ‘download module’ button on the right you can download the Endpoint Protection integration package.

Once you have the package downloaded, you run the Elementra Endpoint Protection Plugin for Kaseya installation on your Kaseya server, and then run the Elementra Endpoint Protection Plugin for ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) installation file on any of your ERA servers that you wish to manage. With each installation file you simply need to follow the on-screen instructions to successfully install the module.

License Management

Licenses for the Endpoint Protection integration module for Kaseya are distributed by Elementra and provide an annual, low-cost model for total flexibility and ease of use. The Endpoint Protection module license does not include the ESET security license.

How does licensing work?

Each ESET endpoint that you wish to manage requires an Elementra Endpoint Protection license. This does not include the license for the ESET product. It allows you to manage the ESET product from within Kaseya.

Is an ESET license included in an Elementra license?

No. ESET licenses can be purchased from your local ESET distributor.

Do you need to install anything on the Kaseya server?

Yes. The Elementra Endpoint Protection Plugin for Kaseya installation package must be run on your Kaseya server to install the module.

What versions of Kaseya are supported?

Kaseya version 6.2 and 6.3 on premise only.

Do you need to install anything on the ERA server?

Yes. The Elementra Endpoint Protection Plugin for ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) installation package must be run on each ERA server to connect back to the Kaseya server.

What ERA database types are supported by this module?

Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server.

What versions of ESET are supported?

The Endpoint Protection module connects to the ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) console. We support version 4 and 5 of the ERA. Any ESET product that can connect to the ERA will be supported by our module.

What versions of Windows are supported?

Windows Server 2003, Windows SBS Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows SBS Server 2008, Windows SBS Server 2011, Windows Server 2012.

Why is the event log synchronization disabled by default?

The first time an ERA server is synchronized it will bring back all of the event logs (if this option is enabled). If the server has a lot of information this could take a long time. Therefore we disable this by default and recommended that it is managed manually.

Can I get a trial?

Yes. Click on the Get a Trial link on the right-hand side of this page. We will get in contact with you to arrange the trial and get you set up.